To Sri Lanka’s fabulous sun-kissed golden beaches
……rolling surfs of the glorious Indian Ocean….
……..away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
Savor fantastic cuisine and discover the simple and natural way of living

HOME away from HOME

See Side Terrace and Golden Carriage are family owned hideaways, which have been transformed to cater to an exclusive clientele.  As the country is wooing the up market traveler, atmosphere and luxury is well taken into consideration.  Having said this we must say our hotel is a NO FRILLS establishment, with all the basic comforts of a star class hotel offering very special rates. We may not concentrate on gadgetry but offer total relaxation.  We at Sea Side Terrace and Golden Carriage are focused on offering our services in a comfortable, intimate and welcoming setting offering an unique ambiance.

Food you can be sure of being exceptional as you are to taste time tested recipes suitably developed to your taste at unbelievable prices.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, situated just 5 km from the world famous Mount Lavinia beach and 22 km from the busy business city of Colombo.

Strategically located in close proximity to most of the places of interest, ancient monuments, wild life sanctuaries, coral reefs and beautiful under-water gardens.